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About Us

The Mini Rider Academy is a place for kids, ages 3-16, to experience the world of horses outside of a traditional show barn setting.  We've created programs and curated pony experiences rooted in safety, kindness, and fun; with a wide range of equestrian topics taught by experienced equine professionals.


Our programs include lead line lessons, mini rider clinics, jumper basics, unicorn experiences, pony parties, pony club, pony playdates, pony camp, horse care, care lease, pony art, equine therapy, horse chakra therapy, miniature pony trick training, and equine clinics for teens.

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Kind, Positive and Fun Environment


Kindnes is key; for both our horses and students! Our instructors specifically trained to work with young kids and our riders learn to respect horses from the ground up.

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Rescued & Retired Horses


Our 501c3 Non-Profit rescue and retires horses into our program. 

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Personalized Lessons


Whether your little one dreams of being a unicorn trainer, a cowboy or wants to get ready for a show barn; our team is prepared to provide a personalized and engaging lesson.

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Equestrian Programming & Events

We're more than just a lesson barn. We provide unique programming, curated experiences and events for kids.

Available on location and at your home!

Current Events

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